What is Classical Christian Education?


Hope Preparatory is committed to shepherding the hearts of students by providing a high quality God-centered, classical education. We teach all subjects as part of an integrated whole, with the Scriptures at the center. Students are equipped to know and love the truth and to utilize that knowledge to glorify God in all things. We believe that respect and honor of God are foundational for all learning at Hope Preparatory. That’s why we never grow tired of declaring, “The hope of Hope Preparatory is God.”


There is no place for shoddy Christian education. We are preparing Kinston’s next generation of leaders, therefore we must equip them with the core knowledge to take on the most demanding leadership roles required of the 21st century. An academically rigorous course of study will best prepare students to deal purposefully and responsibly with the complex issues of living in this present society.


A classical Christian education nurtures the heart, soul, and mind with a focus on that which is true, good, and beautiful through a Christ-centered culture and excellent academics. The use of songs, rhymes, drama, and mnemonic devices aid students in memorizing and reciting a banquet of knowledge about God’s world including math, science, language arts, and fine arts. Socratic discussions, oral presentations, and a strong emphasis on phonics, reading, and writing prepare students to communicate their knowledge purposefully and effectively. Students begin the formal study of Latin in 3rd grade. Students study the Great Books which allows them to participate in the Great Conversation of history. Students enjoy Music, Art, PE, Library Science, Hands-on Science, and Character Education classes weekly. Hope Prep students will become lifelong learners, leaders in their communities, and world-changers for Christ.


We approach discipline with a Biblical understanding of the heart, shepherding students, together with their parents, to become more like Christ.

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. (Hebrews 12:11 ESV)